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Apr 18



1. You’re using way too much moisturizing cream, which can weigh your hair down.

Instead, squeeze a pea- to quarter-size amount of the hydrating leave-in product onto one of your palms, and then rub your two hands together like you would hand cream. That way when you apply it, the product goes through evenly and actually coats more strands.

2. You only spritz your hair a few times with heat protector after you towel dry.

It’s important to spray every section thoroughly that you plan to blow-dry, curl, or flat iron.  Also, make sure to concentrate on the face-framing pieces that get the most heat styling, so your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle from the heat.

3. You’re trying to smooth frizz by patting curl cream onto the top layer of your hair only. 

But what you should really be doing to battle frizz is rubbing a quarter-size amount of frizz serum, in your palm, taking random-size sections, and twisting your curls around and around your finger, so each curl gets wave-defining attention.

4. You hold the nozzle of your hairspray too close to your hair.

Spraying hairspray too close to your hair will concentrate the formula in one spot, leaving it crunchy and not touchable. Instead, hold a hairspray about 12 inches away from your hair, aiming it at an angle so that you get a light mist all over.

5. You apply your root-lifting product quickly at your roots and that’s it.

To get major volume, you need to not only apply a root lifter to damp hair at your roots, but also throughout your hair to build body and give it structure. Then, blow-dry your hair after to let the heat lock in the lift.

Jul 08

Maintaining Curly Hair

Maintaining Curly Hair

Curly hair may not be easiest to style and manage at times but it’s really not that difficult if you know how.

To style and manage your curly hair, you should start with hair that’s clean and moisturised. Wash and condition hair before styling to keep it soft and manageable.

To define curls, use a curl-enhancing product. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or spray  while hair is still wet making sure that the product is evenly applied to hair from roots to tips. For extra definition, scrunch curls using your fingers.

When drying your curls, it is important to dry your hair gently to avoid breaking up the curls.  Never rub with a towel as it will only cause your hair to frizz. Air drying your hair is the best way to keep your curls in shape but if you are in a hurry, an alternative is to blowdry your hair with a diffuser to help spread the heat.

And most importantly, remember that in order to keep your curls looking great, you need  to find a stylist experienced in cutting and styling curly hair. He or she can create an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that’s just right for your face structure and hair texture.