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Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Nevo Hair Design was one of the first salons in Melbourne to introduce the revolutionary Keratin Smoothing Treatments to our clients. Since 2008, our specially trained and highly skilled stylists have performed thousands of these life changing treatments.

Keratin treatments have changed since they were first introduced to the Australian market, the main change was the elimination of the controversial chemical knows as FORMALDEHYDE. Unlike many other countries around the world, Australian health standards are much stricter and do not allow the use of this chemical in keratin treatments. The main concern with performing keratin treatments containing formaldehyde, was the potential health risk associated with breathing of the fumes generated during the treatment.

At Nevo we currently use and recommend bhave Smooth Plus as well as GKHair’s (Previously known as Global Keratin) the BEST. Both treatments are Formaldehyde free.

Frequently asked questions about Keratin Smoothing Treatments:

Q: What’s the difference between bhave Smooth Plus and GKHair’s the BEST and which one would be best for my hair?

A: Both treatments are similar in application and results. The bhave brand is an Australian company based in Melbourne, we’ve seen excellent results with their bhave Smooth Plus treatment, they also have an incredible product called bhave rescue treatment which can be performed on any hair type and not just on Keratin clients. GK Hair is an internationally recognized brand and was one of the first keratin treatments to hit the Australian market approx’ 6 years ago.
During a consultation, your stylist will assess your hair and discuss your expectations from the treatment, based on that, she will recommend the best solution for your hair.

Q: Do I need to book in advance for a complimentary consultation and hair assessment?
A: Advance bookings are preferred, this way you get the time you want and you won’t have to wait to be seen by the stylist.

Q: Is it necessary to come in for a consultation first, or can I just book in to have the keratin treatment done straight away.
A: Although not required, if you never had the keratin treatment with us before, we highly recommend that you come in and see us before booking in for your treatment. During a consultation, your stylist would make sure that you get as much information as possible about the process, expected results, as well as maintenance tips and after care.
Your stylist will also be able to give you an exact price which would depend on the length and thickness of your hair. If you’re 100% happy and would like to go ahead with booking in for your treatment, we would also ask that you pay a deposit to secure your booking (normally $100). Deposits are taken in order to make sure that you show up to your appointment, please keep in mind that we reserve approximately 2.5-3 hours for your keratin treatment appointment, if you cancel within 48 hours or don’t show up to your appointment your deposit will not be refunded.

Q: How long would the keratin treatment last in my hair?
A: On average most clients get anywhere between 3-5 months. This result can vary depending on several factors, such as hair type, how often you wash your hair, do you colour your hair? and if yes how often, the type of colour service you normally get (ie permanent, semi permanent, highlights, etc’), do you swim a lot? Salt and chlorinated water can reduce the life span of the treatment.

Q: I’ve seen “keratin treatments” being advertised for a lot cheaper on a daily deal website (i.e scoopon, groupon, etc..), how come you charge $300+?
A: When looking for a salon to perform a Keratin Smoothing treatment, you must do your research, make sure that you book your appointment at a reputable salon, ask these questions: Do you offer a complimentary consultation and hair assessment prior to doing the treatment? Would the treatment be preformed by a trained, experienced Senior stylist or a by an apprentice? Do you use genuine recognized brands?

We’ve heard about instances where salons used water to dilute their Keratin treatments so they can get more treatments out of the bottle, we even  know of salons that purchase their keratin treatments on eBay.

The reason Keratin treatments are not cheap is because genuine products are expensive, If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

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