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Oct 14

Want To Have Your Dream Hair?

Want To Have Your Dream Hair?

Everyone has had a hair fantasy at one point or another. And you may have wondered how you can get it. Through the miracle of hair extensions, you can now have that hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Now when getting hair extensions, make sure it’s real hair, not synthetic. Don’t be afraid to spend on quality. You’ll save more time and money in the long run.

Synthetic hair extensions don’t look natural and heated styling tools will absolutely melt them.

Also make sure to match your hair color. This is critical! You don’t want a “mix and match” look. Hair color must look smooth and natural. You can rest assured that we will choose the right shade for a flawless look.

If you’ve got very short hair and want it longer, don’t go overboard on length to start. Make sure you can manage your new tresses. We can give you additional styling tips so that you can create different looks with your new hair.

Want to find out more about our quality hair extensions, give us a call Nevo Hair today 9888 2701

Aug 01

How To Protect Your Hair Colour And Make It Last

How To Protect Your Hair Colour And Make It Last

You just had your hair professionally coloured and you want to make it last. The colour looks great and you definitely want to preserve it.  So, how do you protect your hair colour and keep it looking fresh? Here’s how:

– Ask your stylist about colour lock leave-in treatment that can be done straight after your colour had been rinsed off

– After colouring, wait at least one or two days before shampooing your hair to give the colour more time to set

– Use shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair (gentle, sulfate-free formulas)

– Avoid excessive shampooing and rinsing of hair.

– Use lukewarm or cool water when shampooing your hair.

– Avoid excessive heat styling to prevent damaging coloured hair, always use heat shielding products when applying heat.

– Use SPF spray when going out in the sun and  a swimming cap when swimming.

– Get regular deep conditioning treatments for extra shine.

Proper hair care extends the life of your hair colour. For more tips on how to care for colour-treated hair, visit us at the salon today!

Jul 08

How to Prevent Split Ends

How to Prevent Split Ends

We all have to deal with split ends from time to time.  And once you have them, there’s no fixing them. And because our hair looks flat and feels coarse and jagged at the edges,  each day feels like a bad hair day.

But it is not the end of the world. We can prevent split ends. And we achieve this by keeping our hair strong and healthy. Here’s how:

– Get regular trims. This is the best way to prevent hair from splitting at the ends. Most stylists would recommend getting a trim every six weeks to prevent breakage.

– Use heat protectant spray. One of the most common cause of split ends is the constant use of heat styling tools because they tend dry out your hair.  If the occasional use of hairdryer or straightening iron is unavoidable, remember to spritz your hair with heat protectant spray before heat styling.

Deep condition regularly.  If you are having problems with split ends, prevent further hair damage by ensuring that you are giving your strands the moisture that it needs. Daily shampooing can strip hair of its natural oils so deep condition your hair once a week to replenish any lost moisture.

– Go easy on harsh chemical treatments.  Chemical treatments such as colouring, perming, relaxing, and hair straightening can damage hair and eventually cause split ends. To prevent further damage, give your hair a rest from all chemical processing from time to time.

– Incorporate fats, proteins, and vitamins in your diet. To keep hair healthy and shiny, consume food rich in omega-3 fatty aids, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and antioxidants.

Jul 08

Maintaining Curly Hair

Maintaining Curly Hair

Curly hair may not be easiest to style and manage at times but it’s really not that difficult if you know how.

To style and manage your curly hair, you should start with hair that’s clean and moisturised. Wash and condition hair before styling to keep it soft and manageable.

To define curls, use a curl-enhancing product. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or spray  while hair is still wet making sure that the product is evenly applied to hair from roots to tips. For extra definition, scrunch curls using your fingers.

When drying your curls, it is important to dry your hair gently to avoid breaking up the curls.  Never rub with a towel as it will only cause your hair to frizz. Air drying your hair is the best way to keep your curls in shape but if you are in a hurry, an alternative is to blowdry your hair with a diffuser to help spread the heat.

And most importantly, remember that in order to keep your curls looking great, you need  to find a stylist experienced in cutting and styling curly hair. He or she can create an easy-to-maintain hairstyle that’s just right for your face structure and hair texture.

Jun 10

The Difference Between Salon Colour And Box Colour

The Difference Between Salon Colour And Box Colour – by Nevo Hair Design

You’ve probably thought that the only difference between colouring your hair at home and having it done at the salon is the price.

But there is much more to it than that.

The makers of box colour have the general audience in mind when creating their product. The only thing they consider is colour, since it’s impossible for them to take into account every person’s hair type, texture, length and thickness.

A good hairstylist can properly assess the condition of your hair, and thoroughly examine the texture and thickness—factors that are vital to creating beautiful colour. This is why your colour formula may change slightly from time to time.

Box colour wasn’t designed for this. It simply coats colour on top of the hair shaft. When colour is applied this way, it keeps light from passing through your hair causing it to look dull and lifeless. Eventually, it will look like straw, preventing any conditioning treatments from reaching the hair.

Professional colour works from the inside out. It is designed to penetrate your hair right to the layer that holds the natural colour pigment.  It helps to keep your hair healthy and allows for deep conditioning treatments. Those who professionally colour their hair can keep hair healthy and shiny for years to come!

Got specific questions? That’s what we are here for! Give us a call on 98882701 today!

Jun 10


What is OLAPLEX?

Have you ever had a conditioning treatment that felt good when you left the salon, but was back to normal in a few days?

Has your hair been damaged by color, bleach, perms, straighteners, blow-drying, or heat-styling? (Or all of the above??)

Does your hair show signs of aging, such as being coarse, brittle and difficult to manage?

Olaplex is a game changer for hair and we are so excited to be now offering it at Nevo Hair Design.

We love our blondes, but we often see clients who want to go blonde (or blonder) but we have to advise against it because it would be too harsh on their delicate or already damaged hair that is a result from the sun, sea, heat styling or years of chemical processing.

With the arrival of Olaplex Treatment at Nevo, the doors have been thrown open wide on how we can repair our colour correction clients who come seeking healthy hair after damaging their hair elsewhere, and we can also help those who want to look after the existing health of their hair while exploring new colour options like our signature Balayage/Ombre and Highlighting styles.




So, what is Olaplex? It’s a revolutionary new product that top hair stylists and colorists are going nuts for.

In short Olaplex …“ links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.”

The Olaplex system has three components: Bond Multiplier (the pure Olaplex ingredient), Bond Perfector, and Hair Perfector.

What does that mean to you and your hair?

Color, bleach, perms, straighteners, heat styling, and even putting tension on wet hair (combing, brushing to detangle) causes damage inside your hair. You don’t see it when it happens, but you can feel it, and you definitely see it over time.

The tiny bonds that make up your precious hair are being eaten alive! Olaplex seeks out this hidden damage, and reinforces those bonds, making them stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to breakage.

There are a few ways ways to use the Olaplex system:

Protective Treatment: Done at the same time as color, highlights, balayage, or bleach; Olaplex Bond Multiplier is added into your color or bleach formula. This will not affect the color result or grey coverage, however it may increase processing time for bleach, highlights, or balayage. Olaplex Bond Perfector is applied after rinsing (and toning, if necessary). It will set for 10 minutes, then will be rinsed, shampooed, and conditioned. Olaplex Hair Perfector should be used at home once a week, to enhance and extend results between appointments.

Reparative Treatment: Can be done independently, as a strenthening pre-treatment, or as a restorative post-treatment. Olaplex Bond Multiplier will be mixed in a solution and applied to dry (or well-blotted, towel-dried hair), combed through, and allowed to set for 5 minutes. Olaplex Bond Perfector will be applied directly over it, without rinsing, and set for 10 minutes, then will be rinsed, shampooed, and conditioned. Olaplex Hair Perfector should be used at home once a week, to enhance and extend results between appointments.

Duo: To really give damaged hair the most intense therapy, both of the above can be done. Using Olaplex Bond Multiplier in color or bleach will protect hair from being damaged during that process. After hair is rinsed and towel-dried, the reparative treatment will commence as described above, to strengthen hair that has been damaged by previous chemical treatments, heat, and other factors. Olaplex Hair Perfector can be used at home once a week, to enhance and extend results between appointments.

The protective nature is amazing, allowing more bleach or highlights than ever before, without damage! This has absolutely revolutionized corrective colors and blonding services.

The reparative treatment has worked miracles on all hair types that has been exposed to chemicals and/or heat damage.

We have found it leaves hair softer and stronger, shinier and silkier, faster to blowdry, and fuller but light-weight (not thick or heavy).

We have also found Olaplex to be a fantastic addition as a pre-treatment before our keratin smoothing services.

The Olaplex reparative treatment makes hair stronger and enhances shine, softness and silkiness. The hair is more flexible and resistant to breakage.

We do this before beginning the keratin service, as Olaplex penetrates the hair to rebuild from deep within the hair shaft.

The smoothing service then conditions and seals the cuticle, helping defrizz and refine the cuticle (the outer layer of the hair shaft).

The result is stronger, healthier hair that is in a better place to maximize the benefits of a keratin treatment.

As a restorative post-treatment, Olaplex is the perfect replenisher after a harsh chemical straightening treatment (we actually don’t offer these service at Nevo, but have been providing after care treatments to those who are looking for a intense repair treatment to restore their hair). These types of treatments break a large number of bonds in the hair, but by using Olaplex we can start healing it right away by treating the hair immediately afterwards.

The Olaplex restorative treatment does the same for over processed, over lightened hair on clients who come to use for help with colour corrections and past damage done on their hair by themselves or other hairdressers.

The intensity of the direct application works wonders to heal damaged hair. Unlike traditional conditioning treatments, which treat the outside of the hair, Olaplex goes deep inside to actually repair damage.

Feel free to call our salon to find out if Olaplex can help you achieve optimum health for you hair or come in for a complimentary consultation PH: 9888 2701 or contact us here

OLAPLEX HAIR TREATMENT Now you can upgrade your colour service with Olaplex. This treatment will make your hair stronger, healthier, and your colour last longer. It’s perfect for those who want to maintain the health and structural integrity of their hair that can be weakened over time with regular colouring. Olaplex is also an amazing stand alone treatment if you are suffering from stressed out and damaged hair from years of colouring.


OLAPLEX has been a greatest tool in protecting our clients’ hair from the stresses naturally caused by lightening it, plus when used as a restorative treatment it’s helped long time blondes restore life into dry, porous and fragile hair.

Now Olaplex can also be used at home to further strengthen your hair in-between salon appointments.

It is available for purchase at Nevo Hair Design for $49.95

Want to find out more about Olaplex? Keep Reading…

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a product that has many uses, but for purposes of blonde hair, a colorist will apply it to your hair when you get highlights or color.

What’s so special about it?

We all know that coloring hair causes damage. This is because regardless of whether you get highlights (the process of removing color) or color, a colorist needs to “break the bonds” in your hair. This process is damaging. But since Olaplex is a “bond multiplier,” it will multiply and rebuild those bonds, lessening the damage and leaving the hair stronger and healthier than it would otherwise be. Check out the below picture for an illustration:

Why is Olaplex so important for blondes?

Going blonde involves bleach, so blondes are particularly susceptible to brittle, damaged hair and hair breakage. (You girls with double-process platinum know especially what I’m talking about). Olaplex will help with that damage/breakage. Plus, because its so effective in minimizing damage, your colorist may be able to take you lighter than would otherwise be possible.

My hair is [fill in the blank], will it work on me?

According to Olaplex, the company has “tested Olaplex on virtually every hair type and it works. Asian, Caucasian, African American, previously chemically processed and virgin.” What Olaplex won’t do is help seriously distressed hair. As Olaplex has stated on its Facebook page, “[i]f your client’s hair is seriously compromised and you wouldn’t normally process their hair, do not do so just because you have Olaplex. It’s not a magic wand.”

Can I use Olaplex at home?

Olaplex has one product for in-home use, Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3. The product is meant for you to “use once a week to strengthen hair further or to use as a pre-treatment to a future chemical service.”

It is concentrated, so you will only need to use a 20 cent sized dollop evenly from roots to the ends on shampooed and towel-dried hair. (If you hair is too wet it will not be able to absorb the treatment.) You will then need to leave the treatment on for over 10 minutes plus to do it’s job. After that you just shampoo and rinse it out  and condition your hair as normal.

Please feel free to call and consult with our Stylists

to see if this product is right for you – phone 98882701

Apr 30

How To Add Volume To Your Hair

How To Add Volume To Your Hair By Nevo – Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

We all want healthy, voluminous hair. But not everyone is blessed with thick hair so more often than not, we have to rely on styling to make it appear and feel twice as thick.  And the wonderful news is that we can add a boost of volume to our hair without spending big bucks on salon visits. Here are tips you can use to achieve fuller-looking hair.

Use a volumising shampoo.  To get more volume in your hair, the first step is to use a volumising shampoo when you routinely cleanse your hair. Salon quality volumising shampoos are formulated to create more volume and texture making hair appear fuller and thicker.

Use cold water as a final rinse. Yes, it may seem a bad idea to many but cold water will actually close your hair cuticles, in effect sealing in moisture and giving hair more body.

When blowdrying hair, focus on the roots for more lift and bounce. You can also use volumising hair products such as mousses and hairsprays to create volume. However, stay away from “heavy” formulas that weigh down hair.

Get the right haircut for your face shape and hair texture. The right hairstyle can add more volume to fine, flat, and even thinning hair. Ask your stylist about hairstyles that make hair appear thick and fuller.

Apr 15

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? By Nevo – Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

How much is too much when it comes to washing your hair? The answer isn’t as simple as “every other day,” or “every day.”

How often you wash your hair depends on:

– Your hair texture

– How much product you use

– Whether you colour your locks

Obviously oily hair needs more washing, either daily or every other day. If your hair is dry, it’s healthier to wash it every two or three days.

Shampoos formulated for dry hair fill in damaged areas and make it feel smoother and more manageable.

Fine hair gets greasy fast because surface oils have no place to go. Daily or every other day washing works well here. On the flipside, curly or coarse hair only needs shampooing once or twice a week. The oil has a hard time migrating down the hair shaft.

Perming, relaxing, bleaching and colouring hair can weaken your hair. Add blow drying, hot curling and flat ironing, and well, you’ve got double trouble! Washing it no more than every other day is advised.

Use a lot of hair product? That means more dirt, dust and pollution to stick to hair. Washing your hair every day helps to prevent build up and makes hair more manageable.

It’s tempting to wash hair everyday because it feels so good! Unfortunately, it’s not always the best the choice for shiny, healthy hair.

Need more tips? Call us to book your appointment today!

Apr 15

How To Deep Condition Your Hair Like A Pro

How To Deep Condition Your Hair Like A Pro By Nevo – Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

All hair types benefit from deep conditioning. Having regular deep conditioning treatments is important because we need to replenish the natural hair oils that have been stripped off by too frequent shampooing.

Deep conditioning treatments also improve the health of coarse, damaged hair.  If your hair’s been damaged by box colour or chemical straightening, deep conditioning treatments are a must because they will help restore your hair’s natural moisture. For porous hair, protein-enriched deep conditioning treatments will make it softer and less prone to breakage.

To achieve the full benefits of  deep conditioning, you need to know how to deep condition your hair properly. Deep conditioning is different from everyday conditioning in many ways. So you can’t just slap it on for 1 to 2 minutes and expect great results.  And remember, deep conditioning treatments are specially-formulated with ingredients that penetrate the hair.

So if it’s successful deep conditioning you’re aiming for, here are tips on how to deep condition your hair like a pro:

– Get a deep conditioning treatment suitable for your hair type. Your stylist can assess your hair’s condition and give you sound advice on what type of deep conditioning treatment will give you fabulous results.

– Deep condition regularly. Schedule treatments at least once a week or once every two weeks. If your hair tends to be greasy and limp and you use regular conditioner every after wash, then a deep conditioning treatment twice a month is recommended.  For dull and dry hair, deep condition hair at least once a week.

– Allow the moisturisers and ingredients  to soak up and penetrate your hair. And how do you this? Leave your conditioning treatment on for at at least 30 minutes. And please do not overdo it. If the label doesn’t say “leave-in”, then don’t leave it on for hours or overnight.

Now that we’ve shared some tips on how to deep condition like a pro, it’s time to say goodbye to dry, coarse hair. Need more tips? Call us to book your appointment today!

Apr 09

Do You Have Dry And Frizzy Hair?

Do You Have Dry And Frizzy Hair? By Nevo Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

If your hair is dry and frizzy, then your hair may be of high porosity.  Porous hair is a result of hair damage.

When we regularly use heat styling tools or go for chemical treatments, our hair becomes very dry, fizzy, and porous.

Hair can normally absorb 30% of its weight in water.  But with very porous hair, the amount increases to 50%.  When this happens, damaged hair will swell and eventually break. Damaged hair also absorbs water easily but will lose it just as fast resulting in dry and brittle hair strands.

Furthermore, damaged hair is very difficult to style. Think of very dry and frizzy hair that’s very difficult to tame.

So, is there hope for dry, frizzy, and damaged hair?

Yes, there is. We cannot guarantee an instant fix but you will have frizz-free, healthy hair is you know how to take care of it.

To have frizz-free, healthy hair, we recommend:

using a paraben-free, sulfate-free shampoo

regular deep conditioning treatments

– regular trims to remove split ends

– letting your hair rest from heat styling tools and chemical treatments from time to time

– giving yourself a scalp massage each time you wash your hair

– using hair products enriched with ingredients that nourish hair

eating a balanced diet

– getting ample rest and sleep

Follow these simple tips and your hair’s condition will get better and better. No more dry and frizzy hair!