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Apr 07

The Most Common Cause Behind Your Dry, Itchy, and Flaky Scalp

The Most Common Cause Behind Your Dry, Itchy, and Flaky Scalp By Nevo Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701 

A dry and itchy scalp can dampen even the liveliest of moods. It can also be a major source of embarrassment as it is often accompanied by pesky flakes that fall onto your shoulders.

The most common cause behind a dry, itchy, and flaky scalp is uncontrolled dandruff.  Dandruff is a condition caused by an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus that feeds on the dead skin cells and oils on your scalp.

To control dandruff, most dermatologists recommend anti-dandruff shampoos. How often should you wash your hair?  You need to wash your hair everyday or every other day to reduce buildup. Remember, the fungus that’s causing this condition feeds on dead skin cels and oils so it’s important to keep your hair and scalp as clean as possible.

In addition to cleansing your hair and scalp with an anti-fungal shampoo, you can also control dandruff by doing the following:

– Manage stress. Yes, dandruff is often a symptom of unmanaged stress.

– Limit your use of hairstyling products. Daily use of styling aids can result in residue buildup.

– Cut back on the use of heat styling stools. Daily use of flat irons, hairdryers, and curling irons can damage your hair and dry our your scalp.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in zinc, B vitamins, antioxidants, and low in sugar to control dandruff flares.

Use the right hair  care products. Use salon quality products for daily cleansing and conditioning for healthier hair and scalp.

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Apr 07

Does a Keratin Treatment Bring Out Your Colour?

Does A Keratin Treatment Bring Out Your Colour? By Nevo – Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

Does your hair colour need some spicing up?

Consider getting a keratin treatment!

Why? The keratin treatment solution surrounds each hair shaft with protective protein layers that smooth and flatten the cuticle, improving the condition of your hair.

It also absorbs deeper into the hair shaft and lasts longer on chemically-treated hair.

Why is that good news for color-treated hair?

Getting an initial keratin two weeks before your colour treatment prepares your hair to better receive the colour. (Thereafter, you would get the treatment about every 10-12 weeks.) And what colour it is! The keratin treatment eliminates frizz and restores shine, softness, body and bounce. It makes the colour so rich and natural, you’ll look 10 years younger!

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Apr 07

Healthy Hair Starts in the Kitchen By Nevo – Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

Healthy Hair Starts in the Kitchen By Nevo – Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

We have great products that help make your hair shine, have body and bounce. But if you want really healthy hair, shampoo, conditioner, and hair products just aren’t enough.

Hair that has natural shine, with body and bounce, actually begins in the kitchen! And you won’t need to work as hard—or spend as much money—on hair products when you give your hair what it wants.

Include salmon, poultry, dark green vegetables, carrots, beans, nuts, whole grains, and eggs in your diet. All of these foods are colourful and nutritious in their own right. And that’s what gives you such fabulous results!

Got specific questions? That’s what we are here for!

May 24

Keune So Pure – Ammonia Free Colour

Keune So Pure – Ammonia Free Colour

What it does

So Pure Color is a mild, effective Ammonia and Paraben free hair color, inspired by nature. Enriched with essential oils and Argan oil to improve the hair structure and shine.

Why it works

Enriched with Phytokeratin, to rebuild the hair structure. Argan oil, contains vitamin A and E for added moisture and Coconut base for extra conditioning. Essential oils give you an aroma experience aligned with the So Pure philosophy.

Buy Keune So Pure Haircare products online here

May 24



GKhair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair.Juvexin has been developed specifically to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is used in all GKhair products worldwide.

Juvexin then penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This improves the softness and reduces friction enabling hair to better withstand heat, helps make hair less prone to breakage and improves the lubricity of hair, giving hair overall better manageability. On both wet and dry hair there is less entanglement during brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage and improving manageability.

May 24

Hair Biology & Nutrition!

Hair Biology & Nutrition! by bhave

It is all simple and easy to give you all the tips and tricks to beautiful, healthy hair. However it is just as important to understand the structure of your hair and how all these tips work! Although learning about hair biology may seem boring – it will give you the information you need to make the right choices for your hair and will explain the reasons about why your hair may not be in the condition that you dream of.

Biology of hair:

Hair is made of protein called keratin. The outer layer of your hair shaft is formed of cuticles, which create a scale-like surface on the hair. These are all smoothed down in one direction, facing the edge of the hair shaft. When hair is teased or back-combed, the cuticles are lifted up and pushed in the opposite direction (giving hair a volumised appearance), however the cuticles will never return to their flat arrangement and instead over time will continue to lift and will break – especially with excessive use of heat tools. The layer underneath the cuticles is the core of the hair, the cortex. The cortex contains protein bundles which give your hair strength, and when the cortex is damaged, the hair will break.

This is why it is essential to ensure that your hair is not damaged. Once your cortex is damaged, you will experience hair breakage, which quite often explains why many people are unable to grow their hair.

Hair follicles are the living tissues beneath your scalp that make hair. It is essential that you are feeding your body appropriate vitamins in order to ensure that your hair can thrive during growth.

While hair products can be used to make your hair look and feel healthy, vitamins and minerals should not be overlooked and are very beneficial to your long-term hair health.

Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidant

Biotin (Vitamin B7) helps hair grow faster, thicker and stronger, while helping to metabolize amino acids which are essentially for keratin production. Biotin is viewed as one of the best vitamins for hair growth.

Vitamin B5 (Panothenic acid) works with Biotin to give your hair beautiful shine! It also works with Vitamin B9 (folic acid) to promote fuller and thicker hair growth. A lack of these vitamins could result in weakened, thinning or graying hair!

Vitamins A, C and E help to protect hair from environmental factors that may be damaging and aid in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Minerals are just as important in maintaining healthy hair growth. Iodine and Zinc work with Vitamin A to balance the scalps natural oils and prevent drying and irritation. Silica is used to strengthen hair, making it less prone to breakage while sulfur works to build the protein structure of hair with amino acids.

It is important to remember that your physical appearance is reflected on what is inside. If you eat nutrient-filled food, your hair quality will improve!

Apr 30

Growing your damaged hair!

bhave hair

One of the most common things we hear within the hair industry is about, damaged hair that won’t grow! Although many think these problems may be due to genetics, there are many other factors that can influence how your hair behaves!

We have compiled a few explanations for your dry, damaged hair and some tips to help improve your hair condition. Too rough on your locks: Towel drying your hair and detangling can be quite a chore – especially for those with curly hair! Make sure you gently squeeze water out of your hair with a towel rather than rubbing your towel around your head! When detangling, it is best to do when your hair is damp. Use a comb or brush to gently detangle your knots – make sure you’re not ripping at your hair. Know your hair type: Knowing your hair type will have a huge influence on its condition. If you know your hair type, you will be able to use specific products for your unique hair type. Using the wrong products is a huge cause of damaged hair – and quite often many people never think that their products could have negative effects. Doing too much: Although many think that ‘the more, the merrier’, however in some cases – simple is better! Try cut down on some products that you are using and cut down how much time is spent on your hair. It is a small change that will create a huge difference. Hydration: This is one of the most important points! We all know how important is for the body- including your hair! Drinking water will keep your hair moisturized and will prevent drying and brittle ends. It is also the perfect way to decrease frizz and breakage. For those of you doing everything you can to try and grow your hair, follow these simple tips! Be gentle on your hair. When combing and brushing, be soft so that there is no hair breakage and your ends don’t get damaged. If you are rough on your hair, there will be a lot of breakage which in turn will make your hair look shorter and thinner. Your hair may be too dry – Keeping your hair hydrated will minimize breakage. Use moisturizing products (especially water-based products). Seal your ends: It is important to retain the moisture that has been applied to your hair – especially on your ends! Using an oil is the perfect way to seal your ends and give them the TLC they deserve in order to prevent breakage or split ends. Protect your hair: Ensure that with all heat styling you use a heat protectant or hair oil so that you don’t fry your hair. Also, try to cut down the amount of heat that is used on your hair! The less your hair is styled with heating tools, the better the condition will be! Try using different styles that don’t require heating! Yours in beautiful hair xx

Feb 01

frequently asked questions – bhave smoothe keratin therapy

frequently asked questions – bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy

Q Is bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy right for me? A bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy makes hair easy to manage, so anyone who struggles with frizz or has curly and difficult to manage hair is a good candidate.

Farmed throughout the pristine countryside of New Zealand, no animals are harmed at any stage of the wool harvesting process. They return to the fields to graze after shearing.

Q What makes bhave™ different to other products on the market? A bhave™ is entirely Australian owned and operated and utilises only the finest local and imported ingredients. It is our vision and commitment to our salons and their clients to create products of the highest quality and effectiveness to achieve the results your hair deserves.

bhave™ is formulated with an innovative amino cell rebuild technology that has been specially formulated to penetrate the hair providing health, protection and long-term conditioning. bhave™ contains argan oil, collagen and silk amino acids to smooth away frizz while adding luminous shine.

Q What kind of results will I get from the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy? A A reduction in frizz, hair will be more manageable and easy to style. You will still be able to wear your hair curly or wavy (depending on your hair type) and enjoy the freedom to blow-dry your hair into any style you want in a fraction of the time.

Q Can I still receive the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy if I have highlights and/or colour? A Yes you can. However, we do advise for best results to have your hair coloured after 2 normal washes. If you do colour your hair before the treatment, the colour may lift to varying degrees, requiring colour to be re-applied.

Q Does the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy work on virgin hair? A Yes. On virgin hair, reults will improve with each application. You may have to repeat the treatment after 4 weeks, but each application will last longer.

Q Is the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy going to make my hair straight? A All hair types differ. The treatment is designed to make the hair easier and quicker to manage. Some people may be able to ‘wash & go’ whereas others will have to add some heat to their hair in order to get a straighter result.

You may want to ask your hairdresser to perform a strand test before proceeding with the treatment to get a realistic idea of what your result will be.

Q How long does the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy last? A The bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy lasts between 2-4 months depending on the hair type and maintenance. As mentioned, some virgin hair may require an application after 4 weeks.

Q Is the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy permanent? A No, the hair will revert back to its natural state after 2-4 months.

Q Can I apply the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy directly on top of other relaxers? A Yes you can. We recommend that you wait a month after relaxing your hair before having the bhave™ smoothe™ keratin therapy.

Q Can I cut my hair before or after the treatment? A We recommend that you cut your hair after the bhave™ treatment as it will fall differently and appear longer.

Q Can I use styling products? A Yes, you can use styling products after the first shampoo/wash.

Feb 01

frequently asked questions – bhave rescue

frequently asked questions – bhave™ rescue

Q What is bhave™ Replicine™ Functional Keratin®? A The only commercially available fully functional keratin protein that has been extracted using a patented technology from pure New Zealand wool. Replicine™ Functional Keratin® respects the complexity of natural proteins and works to replicate them in form, sequence and function. It acts just like the natural keratin in hair and gives the same protection and strength. Combining three technologies – oxidized keratins, intact keratin proteins and keratin peptides has created a unique keratin technology that captures the essential aspects of keratin proteins required for genuine benefit.

Q What are the advantages of Replicine™ Functional Keratin®? A Most labs treat all keratins as the same, but the scientists behind the Replicine™ Functional Keratin® know that this is not the case. Some keratins are responsible for strength and some act as glue that holds the hair together. By respecting the different forms of keratin, Replicine™ Functional Keratin® technology isolates and uses the proteins exactly how they were intended. Replicine™ Functional Keratin® is the only keratin protein that can mimic and regenerate with hairs own natural keratin. Replicine™ Functional Keratin® is almost identical to the keratin present in skin and hair, and so can naturally bind and interact with skin and hair and impart a range of benefits.

Q Can damaged hair be repaired by keratin? A Yes, in many cases with repeated treatments, Replicine™ Functional Keratin® rebuilds the keratin protein in damaged hair. This is possible as the keratin structure, essential for binding, has been maintained.

Q Can keratins get into hair or do they just coat the surface? A If hair is in perfect condition then Replicine™ Functional Keratin® will deposit on the surface and form a sacrificial shield, protecting the hair from damage. However, if hair is damaged then the hair structure is opened up and Replicine™ Functional Keratins penetrate into the fibre and bind to the internal structure, rebuilding the damaged proteins to restore strength and condition to the fibre. Experts have studied the penetration of Replicine™ Functional Keratin® into the hair structure using microscopy to prove that it penetrates and stays bound inside the hair.

Q Is the keratin in hair care products the same as keratin in my hair? A Keratin from wool is almost exactly the same as the keratin in your hair. The Replicine™ technology takes care to maintain the keratin structure when isolating it from wool, so it is almost exactly the same as the keratin in your hair. This makes it ideal for repairing the damaged keratin in hair.

Farmed throughout the pristine countryside of New Zealand, no animals are harmed at any stage of the wool harvesting process. They return to the fields to graze after shearing.


Aug 15

Bhave Rescue Treatment

rescue Me!

professional salon repair….

an Australian first!

30 minute in salon rescue.

Reversal of damage can now be successfully achieved. An in-salon treatment that boast revolutionary keratin technology that can bind and penetrate the most severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine previously thought to be unrecoverable. This unique keratin protein is 91% identical to hair keratin. This innovative treatment has the right amino acids in the right place to deliver hair repair inside the fibre. No straightening involved.


Long lasting repair Rescues severely damaged hair Renews body, shine and condition Protects from further damage Less breakage Improvement   in shine Boost in colour symmetry More natural looking color