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How To Add Volume To Your Hair By Nevo – Hair Salon Mount Waverley Call Us On 03 9888 2701

We all want healthy, voluminous hair. But not everyone is blessed with thick hair so more often than not, we have to rely on styling to make it appear and feel twice as thick.  And the wonderful news is that we can add a boost of volume to our hair without spending big bucks on salon visits. Here are tips you can use to achieve fuller-looking hair.

Use a volumising shampoo.  To get more volume in your hair, the first step is to use a volumising shampoo when you routinely cleanse your hair. Salon quality volumising shampoos are formulated to create more volume and texture making hair appear fuller and thicker.

Use cold water as a final rinse. Yes, it may seem a bad idea to many but cold water will actually close your hair cuticles, in effect sealing in moisture and giving hair more body.

When blowdrying hair, focus on the roots for more lift and bounce. You can also use volumising hair products such as mousses and hairsprays to create volume. However, stay away from “heavy” formulas that weigh down hair.

Get the right haircut for your face shape and hair texture. The right hairstyle can add more volume to fine, flat, and even thinning hair. Ask your stylist about hairstyles that make hair appear thick and fuller.


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